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How to Fix the Rabbit Corkscrew by Yourself


Those that have a rabbit corkscrew in their homes, will see that in time, it starts acting strangely and instead of rotating the cork upwards it will do the opposite. This basically means that the cork will not pop out anymore, and instead it will be pushed in or broken inside the bottle. If you have noticed this situation, then you have to know how to fix the rabbit corkscrew, and the next steps will help you with this.

Step 1: You have to see how the rabbit corkscrew works when placed on top of the wine bottle. Its two side pins will clamp on the sides of the bottle, and then have to be in the right position, below the handles, so that the screw will not be allowed to rotate in the wrong direction.

Step 2: Once the two pins have been identified, you should focus on the movement of the corkscrew’s handles. When you push them, they should securely place the pins on each side on the bottle. If they aren’t, then the inside bushing that helps them to do that might be deteriorated. This bushing is a small plastic circle that is placed on the inside.

Step 3: The bushing of the rabbit corkscrew should be covered, depending on the model, beneath the pins. You have to take the covers off and then evaluate the state in which the bushings are. In most cases, they travel to the outside of their enclosing area, which makes it difficult for the screw to pull the cork out.

Step 4: If this is the case, and the bushings are placed upper, then all you need to do is to push them back into their original position and the rabbit corkscrew should be fixed. To do this, use any type of tool that comes in handy, which can fit into the housing and can be used to push the bushings backwards. Once you manage to do this, using even a regular kitchen knife, the corkscrew is ready for normal usage again.


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All You Need To Know About Running a Home-Based Business


There are many business ideas that can be implemented by people who want to own their companies. The key to success in business lies in doing something you like to do and taking a professional approach to it. Sometimes, the best to do this is hiring a consultant to help you with your idea.

Currently, the most popular ideas for work at home ventures include internet marketing, forex, stocks and options trading among other ideas. They are popular because the capital required to start is very small. People who have a PC and access to a fast internet connection can start making money from the comfort of their homes.

As with any other commercial enterprise, increasing revenue and future growth are the main objectives of most home-based businesses. These two goals can be very difficult to achieve especially if you are trying to work on them solo. The best approach would be to hire a financial or business consultant to help you grow your company.

Outsiders like financial consultants are able to look at your company with fresh eyes and give recommendations on areas that need improving. It is important for entrepreneurs to appreciate the fact that one person can not know everything about every aspect of running a successful company. As they say, two heads are always better than one!

Running a home-based business has several advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of running a company from where you live is that you get to dictate how long you work every day. You also have more control over your income. The best thing about it is that you do not have to drive to work every day and spend the entire day at the office working under supervision of your office manager or supervisor. People who run companies from their homes also spend a lot of time with their kids and spouses.

Even with all its advantages, this type of self-employment has many disadvantages. First and foremost, there are many distractions especially if there are kids around. Secondly, if you fail to work, you will not get anything at the end of the month. Employed people usually have paid leaves and off-days. Thirdly, working without supervision can cause laziness because there are not strict goals or harsh supervisors to oversee your work.

That being said, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to start a home-based business. If you are employed, do not quit your job until the income from your company stabilizes and surpasses your current income. Being self-employed is gratifying and creates in a person a feeling of financial freedom and independence. To ensure that your venture succeeds, you should talk to successful entrepreneurs to get some tips. Alternately, you may want to search the internet for tips on how to succeed in such ventures. Best wishes to you in starting your new venture!


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Market Theories


When an unsettling news comes down the pike, traders tighten his mind, his soul and his entire being to make profits and take money out of the market. So, there is a theory pointing out that market prices reflect all available market information. It is called the efficient market theory.

In the efficient market theory, people buy and sell on the basis of their knowledge, so the latest price represents everything known about the market. Since everyone has the same information about market, the price should reflect the knowledge and expectations of everyone. Therefore no one should be able to beat the market since there is no way to know something about market that is not already reflected in the market’s price.

Because markets know everything and no one can beat them, trading is like playing chess against someone who knows more than you. Hence, do not waste your time and money, just trade simply by indexing your portfolio and selecting securities based on volatility.

However, there is ample evidence to dispute the basic claims of this theory since there are traders who constantly and eventually make money, what about them?

The efficient market theorists say that winners are plain lucky. Most people make money at some point, before bleeding it back into the markets.

This is obviously incorrect. Because there are people who keep outperforming markets year after year. One of them is Warren Buffet, brilliant traders, says that investing in a market in which people believe in efficiency is like playing poker against those who believe it does not pay to look at cards.

Besides the efficient market theory, there is one of the largest pieces of theoretical garbage. The theory correctly observes that markets reflect the intelligence of all crowd members.

Most traders can be rational when the markets are closed. They calmly study their charts and decide what to buy and sell, where to take profits, and when to cut losses. However, when the markets open, they don’t trade their plans.

Trading is partly rational and partly emotional. To be a successful trader you must keep your cool at all times and take money from aroused amateurs. People are more likely to be rational when alone, and grow more impulsive when they join crowds.

All the while, the intelligent trader follows his rules. He may use a mechanical system or act as a discretionary trader, reading his markets and putting on trades. Either way, he follows his rules rather than his gut. That is his great advantage.


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Penny Stocks How to Make Money


New investors often believe that the cheapest stocks-the ones with low share prices are the best bargains. In fact, they sometimes fall into the trap of believing that the shares with the lowest share prices have a great potential of raking in huge sums of money.

After all, you only need a stock which share price is $ 1 to earn you $ 1 to double your money, and a share price of $ 100 to earn you $ 100 to double your money. Even, though this math is absolutely correct, it is often misleading.

The secret to making good money in the stock exchange is to have patience. So, all investors need to do is figure out how penny stocks work and learn how to make money from them.

Definition of Penny Stocks

These are stocks that are worth less than a dollar for any share traded. Since they are so cheap, they are more appealing to many investors.

For example, if you have 1,000 dollars, you may end up buying many shares, and a small movement of say ten cents towards any direction will earn you a lot of money. For a new investor, this appears to be the easiest way of getting rich through investing.

Buy Penny Stocks, Sell at Higher Price

The first way you can make money with penny stocks is to sell them to others at an inflated price. First, you need to pump and dump. Perhaps the most famous means of making a lot of profit from a small cap is to buy the stocks when they are cheap.

Then, you convince as many people as possible that they are worth more than you bought it from, then sell these stocks at the inflated price. Unfortunately, this method is often unethical and potentially illegal in the place where you stay. It is also hard to make it work sometimes.

Hit the Jackpot!

Another to make money at this is by simply getting lucky. In fact, it is more ethical to purchase stocks from a valuable company then hold on to them for a while until their prices have increased tremendously until that point where you can register a profit. Unfortunately, it is often a daunting task to predict luck.

There is no precise formula in finding all of the cheap and good stocks to invest in. Similarly, not all cheap stocks are good and by no means are all good stocks cheap: a company that has gone through financial distress can easily go into liquidation, selling all of its assets to pay creditors, and pay you some percentage of what you had invested in the stocks.

Find a Turnaround Company

More often than not, a company may go through a series of a horrible bankruptcy, which can lead to a major restructuring, or resulting to another company buying it at a great value. Perhaps, the company may turn things around from huge amounts of debt or it has some capital equipment, inventory, patents, real estate, or other forms of assets that have huge sentimental value to the acquirer.

Therefore, if you become careful and conduct a thorough value analysis, you are likely to find a turnaround company that has the potential of being listed on a top exchange.

That said, you have to be careful when investing in penny stocks. Even though, the stock may have a great price and appears to have a great potential of doubling or tripling your investment, you have to be calm and careful. Do your own research. This way, you will ensure that you earn some good money after sticking to value investing.


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How to Use Phosphoload


One of the challenges urban gardeners face is limited space in their gardens for vertical plant growth. Not only can plants grow too tall for the space one has, as they get taller, the lower parts of the plant will require supplemental lighting.

As a result, indoor gardeners use different techniques to keep their plants from growing too tall. For example, one could use a trellis over the canopy and train the plants to grow horizontally instead of vertically.

Furthermore, there is a supplement that can stop vertical plant growth and instead create more lateral growth. The supplement is called Phosphoload.

Phosphoload makes use of advanced gains in plant technology. It actually pulls out special isolates from coal that came from humates. The humatic isolates are strong rare earth elements. When they are mixed with the technology found in Phosphoload, the result is faster flowering with bigger buds.

As mentioned earlier, after using this supplement your plants will stop their vertical growth almost instantly and instead will focus on producing big clusters of flowers laterally.

Not only will Phosphoload create more lateral growth, it will create larger flowers and increase yield up to 30%. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, it can also reduce the time it takes a plant to reach full maturity.

Using Phosphoload does come with some risk. If it’s not used correctly, you will kill your plants. This isn’t a slow death, either. Your plants will be toast in under three days.

The most common mistake made is to follow the directions on the label. The manufacturer doesn’t know what nutrients you have in your reservoir or what you’re growing. Don’t get scared though. Simply follow these instructions and you’ll be fine:

1. Start with a fresh reservoir of water.

2. In the fresh reservoir, only add your main nutrient at 75% of the previous week’s ppms.

3. Do not add any additives with the exception of root enhancers.

4. Apply Phosphoload at the beginning of your third week of flowering.

5. Apply 2-6 ml of Phosphoload per gallon of water.

6. Run your nutrient solution through your plants for three days.

7. Thoroughly flush your plants with pure water or use a leaching solution.

8. After the plants are flushed, go back to your normal feeding schedule for the middle of week three of flowering.

As you can see, it’s very simple to use Phosphoload so don’t be scared of killing your plants. Simply follow the steps outlined above and you will see great results. More lateral growth, bigger flowers, and a shorter bloom period makes this supplement a favorite among connoisseurs.


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Email Marketing Guide for Beginners


The Advantages of Using an Email Marketing Service

Running an email marketing campaign can be time consuming if you do all of the work yourself. Running your business and listing building is something you have to work on all of the time, so using an email marketing service to actually send the emails makes good sense.

Another advantage to using an email marketing service is that you can easily track your progress. These services have sophisticated tools that you can use to see how well your promotions are working. For example, you can see how many of your email messages are being opened and how many clicks you are getting. Service providers will automate the process of sending a newsletter, an autoresponder, or html or plain text messages.

If you have not created an optin button on your website, this is the first thing you need to do. You may need to give something away in order to get subscribers to sign up to receive your emails. Many Internet marketers give away free autoresponders on a particular subject of interest in order to collect email addresses. Others give away ebooks or free reports. Once you have your list, then you will need to look for an email service provider.

You will want to carefully compare the various email marketing service providers and choose the one that best suits your needs. Internet marketers who do not take advantage of the power of marketing through email are leaving money on the table, as this is a powerful venue for obtaining new customers and also for creating customer loyalty.

Many of the leading service providers offer a free trial so that you can try before you buy. After the free trial ends, you will pay in accordance with how many emails you wish to send per month. You can always upgrade your package as your business grows, but it is very cost effective to send hundreds or even thousands of emails per month.

Even if you have never used marketing software before, all of the leading providers have comprehensive tutorials and guides on their websites. You can watch a demo and quickly learn how easy it is to send one message to numerous customers and potential customers at once. Pay special attention to the subject lines you use in your email messages because this will determine whether they are opened and read. In order to get customers to click on the links contained in the messages, your subject lines must be compelling enough for them to want to open and read them.


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Modern Employees and Employers Prefer Flexible Benefits Platforms


Turnover rate is a huge factor in the corporate world. If your competitor is offering your employee a better package and compensation, then you can’t really blame your workers for jumping ship. And, if you lose your precious workers, think about the time and resource that you have to spend in training newer workforce.

So, to achieve an impressive turnover rate is very vital for an organization and that is when flexible benefits come into the picture.

Flexible benefit platforms does multiple things – it keeps the employees happy and working, it saves you tons of money that would eventually spend on training new hires and it does not help your competitors to poach your best talents. However, as an organization, you have to draw up a flexible benefit scheme that falls within the constraints of your budget.

Let us now see about some of the flexible benefit platforms that are popular amongst corporate employees now days.

Salary sacrifice car parking

This is a simple yet very effective scheme. In exchange for the employee sacrificing a part of his salary, the organization gives him a guaranteed parking spot that is close to the work place. In some other cases, the organization might give him free parking ticket coupons or offers on parking tickets.

Voucher Schemes

This is also very popular amongst employees. The organization in this case gives the employee with certain vouchers such as childcare product vouchers, supermarket vouchers or cafeteria coupons which the employee can use to redeem. Since these vouchers are tax-free, they are beneficial to both the employee as well as the employer.

Benefit Packages

In this case, the organization offers benefit packages such as health benefits and insurance benefit ones in which the organization reimburses the employee on the cost that he incurs for medical or insurance related expenses. This package gives a sense of security about his future and safety to the employee and makes him trust his organization.

Employee discounts

There are two ways through which you can arrange this. For instance, if you are an organization who manufactures product like say HP or Nike, then you can offer your employees discounts on your own products or else, you can partner with other organizations and offer your employees discounts on their products. Either way, this method is used to boost the employee’s morale about his own organization.

These are some of the commonly used flexible benefit platforms by multinational organizations around the world.


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Why Do Gold Rates Keep on Changing?


These days gold is not only the mostought after for investment purposes and also for the jewelry market, but it is also used for manufacturing of certain medical devices and electronic devices. There are many factors that drive the change of rates of this precious metal.

The Central bank reserves

The Central bank holds paper treaties and also gold in its reserve. Also the world gold council has stated that all central banks have recently begon purchasing more gold than they might be selling. As all central banks have diversified their monetary reserves, away from the paper contracts, they have accumulated and into gold, the prices of gold have continued to rise.

The US Dollar value

The price of gold is mostly invested based on the US dollar value. This means that a strong US dollar means that the price of gold will be more controlled and also be kept at a lower rate. Also a weaker US dollar is likely to drive the price of gold much higher. This is primarily because most people have a tendency to trade in dollars and also invest when the dollar is strong.

Worldwide demand of jewelry

In a survey done in 2010, the jewelry had accounted for approximately 54% of gold demand, and this totaled to around 3,812 tons. The United States, China and India are the largest consumers of gold for jewelry in terms of its volume. Also the consumer demand in China has reached 200 tons and this is a huge increase compared to last year. Also the gold prices can be affected by the basic theory of demand and supply, as the demand for a consumer goods such as electronic and jewelry increases, the cost of god can also rise significantly.

Wealth protection

During the times of economic uncertainty just as it has been seen during recession, more people have turned to investing in gold because of its very enduring value. Gold is also often considered to be a safe haven for investors during uncertain times. Also, when the actual and expected returns on bonds, real estate and equities, the interest in gold investing increases significantly and this is the reason for a shoot up in its price.

The recent recession has stirred a gold rush in the modern times. Even a TV show on this similar topic had garnered around 4 million viewers. It is one of the important things to remember.


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Attractive Lactating Women – How to Find Them For Dates


Do you have a fetish for attractive lactating women? If the answer is yes then I am sure that at one time or another you have wanted to date such a beautiful woman. Years ago this would have been difficult to say the least. Now, however, with new niche dating sites appearing almost every day and advanced dating technology, it has become easy to find a date with this special category of woman. In the paragraphs to follow you will learn a simple way to easily meet the kind of women you desire.

If you choose your favorite search engine and enter a search with your fetish words followed by either personals or dating, this will uncover a smattering of fetish dating sites. The problem with these sites is they require a credit card for membership and charge a massive fee. If you join one you are also likely to be disappointed. More often than not you will fail to find lactating women in your town or city; this is made more upsetting after having paid a large fee.

Is there a good, free solution to finding lactating females on the internet? Yes. It is free and can be accomplished in minutes.

Find a popular paid dating site with a few million members; between 5 and 10 million members should be sufficient. Do not choose a totally free dating site. Why? These sites are free for a reason. They steal identities and spam you with live cams, among other things. Choose a dating site you can trust; something popular with millions of members. Get a free account and make a quick profile. Your free account entitles you to send and receive messages, add friends, and search profiles; all you need from a dating site. You do not need a credit card for this and you only upgrade if you want extra features.

How do you find attractive lactating women? Simple. In your profile you should state the kind of women you desire. This will do two things. The internet search engine of the site will deliver these type of women to your profile when they put in searches. Not only that but the advanced match-making software will tell you which women are suitable in your town or city; you can then contact them or add them as friends.

Now the last part requires some work but is more than worth it. Go to advanced search and enter your criteria. You want women who lactate in your town or city. You can actually enter this into a search and it will bring up hundreds, maybe even thousands of results.

What you do then is begin adding these women as friends. Add as many as you like and then wait for replies. You should get replies almost instantly. You can then reply to these women and see which ones you would like to meet most.

So this is how you can easily meet attractive lactating women in your neighborhood. It is free, simple and, best of all, a very effective method to meet this difficult to find category of woman.


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How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost?


It is quite irrefutable that the cost of dental treatments and procedures are continuously increasing as time passes by. Thus, people tend to look for ways on how they can deal with all of these dental costs. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways which they have discovered has something to do with a dental policy. This kind of insurance policy actually works in way wherein you have to pay your premium every month to cover your needed dental cleanings, check ups, x-rays, and procedures. But do you know if how much does a dental plan cost?

If truth be told, the cost of a particular dental policy depends upon the scope of the insurance as well as the dental coverage plan which you have selected. There are actually various types of plans available in this day and age such as the capitation dental insurance, the indemnity dental protection, and the preferred provider dental coverage plan.

These three insurance policies in fact do differ in terms of their real dental insurance cost. But among these three, the most affordable one is the capitation dental insurance policy since its monthly premium is about $ 6 to $ 16 only.

Indeed, you can by now under a treatment or procedure without spending much of your hard-earned money through a dental policy. You actually have a wide array of dental coverage to choose from. You just need to make sure to go for an insurance plan that has a broad scope, outstanding offers, and low dental insurance cost . This is imperative in order to make the most of a particular dental coverage policy and to have no regrets at all. After all, you certainly do not want to settle for an average kind of policy plan only.


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